11Aug 2021
Large butterfly garden sculpture

Large butterfly garden sculpture is a very perfect choice for your garden décor. This butterfly sculpture in the picture which we have just finished  for an American customer. He ordered it for decorating  his own garden. It’s 220 cm heights.this whole stainless steel sculpture  is  made up of  silkworm  chrysalis and  butterfly. The customer  love  cool […]

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07Aug 2021
Lady Water Fountain with Rotating Sunflower

1. Introduction of lady statue water fountain The original artwork of this water fountain lady statue holding a rotating flower in hand was created by Poland artist Ma•gorzata Chodakowska. This girl has a graceful and slender figure, holding a sunflower in her left hand, and water flows out of the curved line tube on the […]

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14Mar 2020
Koons rabbit sculpture

Jeff Koons used the most exquisite display technology, and through the cooperation with highly skilled technicians, traditional craftsmen, and physicists, the daily consumer goods have been elevated to the spiritual realm. In his hands, the most common things will transcend its common and vulgar levels and become real iconic things, such as his work “Rabbit”, […]

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17Feb 2020
Bronze Elk Statue

Among the many sculptures, bronze elk statue is the most commonly used one. It can be used in almost any style and any scene, sometimes elegant, lively, sometimes quiet, sometimes cute, and sometimes escape. Deer is the official and wealth representative. Therefore, the deer naturally became a mascot for people to pray for promotion and […]

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12Feb 2020
Trevi Fountain Statues

This Trevi fountain is used for event, it is one our united kingdom customer, this trevi fountain sculpture references the a fountain in the Trevi district in Rome, Italy, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Giuseppe Pannini and several others. Step 1: We made 1:1 clay, or 3D mold, after finishing clay mold of trevi fountain statue, we took photos for […]

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