bronze samurai statue

1.Introduction to bronze samurai statue

In the Garden opposite the imperial palace of Japan, there stands a bronze samurai statue of a warrior riding on a horse. He was a samurai at the end of the Kamakura era and was famous for his firm loyalty to the emperor. From the firm expression on the warrior’s face to the tight muscles and bones of the horse, every detail of the work is lifelike. The image of this statue once added luster to a Japanese banknote. Overlooking the tourist attraction Erzhong bridge, it is one of the most famous statues in Japan.

This magnificent statue is a sculpture made by later generations to commemorate his great achievements. The statue of Nanmu Zhengcheng is dressed in armor. The image of riding on a horse seems to be a general ready to fight and defend his country at any time.

2.Customer expectations for bronze samurai statue

One of our customers ordered this Japanese samurai sculpture in the factory and asked for a height of 2 meters to show the heroism of this hero. We respect the opinions of customers very much. When making sculptures, we first make drawings. After the drawings are completed, we will confirm with customers. We will not make clay sculptures until customers think there is no problem.

bronze samurai statue

When making mud film, sculptors with many years of experience in characterization will make it. When making, we will confirm with customers for many times until customers are satisfied. Because the size and shape of mud film sculpture is the same as that of real warrior sculpture, we will show all the details on the sculpture. After confirming that there is no problem, we will make the sculpture mold and cast it.

After cooling and demoulding, grind and polish to show each part of the body vividly. In the coloring process, we use the chemical coloring method to change the color of the sculpture surface. The copper color makes the sculpture have historical charm and retro artistic color. Of course, after the coloring is completed, we will confirm with the customer again. After the customer is satisfied, we will arrange packaging and delivery and send it to the customer.

samurai statue

3.Advantages of Arturban Sculpture

1).We carefully check and understand the requirements of customers for sculpture, and we will carefully confirm with customers in every process of sculpture production. Being serious and responsible is our greatest sincerity to our customers.

2). In terms of materials, we use high-quality materials and advanced technology. High quality sculptures not only satisfy customers, but also can be placed and decorated for a long time. If we only consider immediate interests and do not pay attention to quality, we will lose the trust of customers.

3). We have our own design team, and each one is a craftsman. If you are an artist or have your own works of art, you can also contact our sculptors to discuss it together.

4) In terms of packaging, after careful inspection, we adopt strict packaging and then pack it in large wooden cases. At the same time, we will fix the edges and corners to confirm the safety of the sculpture before we can transport it to customers.

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