1.Introduction of Dietrich Klinger—Daphne Sculpture creator

Dietrich Klinger

Daphne sculpture is sculpted by Dietrich Klinger. He is a contemporary male artist. He was born in Heiligenstadt, Eichsfeld, Germany in 1954. All the works of Pablo Picasso occupy a special position in the history of art. Dietrich not only created new forms of artistic expression. He continued Pablo Picasso’s artistic style and integrated it into sculpture, which made Dietrich Klinger’s sculpture works exhibited and collected in Europe, the United States and Asia, and occupied an important position.

Dietrich Klinger once said, “There is another picture behind every picture. People are looking for the attraction of identifying with the first picture, not the other picture behind the one shown.”

Therefore, in sculpture creation, he expands the possibility of artistic skills and adds new possibilities of expression. It shows us a unique visual of sculpture.

2.Introduction of Daphne Sculpture

Daphne Sculpture

Man tree statue is a statue of Daphne I created by Dietrich Klinger. His sculpture is based on drama. His works seem to be made of wood, but in fact they are in bronze.

When he was making, he used a wooden model. Different wooden parts are also treating differently. Traces of saw or carving tools, branches, even burn state are showing in this statue. Though it is looks like wood, our eyes must first believe that it is bronze.

The advantages of our factory in making Daphne I replica sculpture

Daphne I Sculpture

This tree man statue is a replica for an Austrian customer. The requested size is 210cm, and material is fiberglass. We use high-quality fiberglass to make it stable to all kinds of environment. Therefore, our statue can be fresh for a longer time in the outdoor.

We will make the 3D model first depend on pictures. It restores the form and color of the statue, as if it were the original sculpture.

What services can we provide for you

Our factory respect the opinions of customers very much, so we will send the pictures of each step to our customers for confirmation , so that our customers can clearly know the casting process and achieve the expected results.

We can customize sculptures of different materials. Factory have different teams for different material sculptures. We are good in sculptures, so as to make high-quality sculptures. A large number of our sculptures have exported to all over the world and praised by customers. If you have good ideas or pictures, you can contact us.

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