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Ashford Hollow Foundation

Ashford Hollow Foundation by Griffis Family is very famous. Artist Larry Griffis, Jr. in the mid-1960s, which first resided at Kissing Bridge and then moved in 1968 to 425 acres in East Otto in Cattaraugus County It is worth noting that Griffith sculpture park has two land tracks. The main part is the largest, known […]

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Trevi fountain sculpture

1.The beautiful legend of Trevi fountain sculpture This Trevi fountain sculpture is known as the wishing pool, also known as the happy fountain. Trevi Fountain originally meant three forks, because it was built at the intersection of three roads. This fountain is the largest and most famous fountain in Rome and the largest Baroque fountain […]

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lady justice

1. What does the themis goddess of justice statue represent? The themis goddess of justice statue is one of the most famous symbols in the legal system, showing the aura of fairness and justice. In the judicial institutions of various countries in the world, you will see the statue of the goddess of justice, which […]

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world is yours

1. Introduction of scarface the world is yours statue replica Scarface the world is yours statue replica is very popular. As we all know, Scarface (1983 film), the protagonist falls into a fountain with this sentence inscribed and dies. “Scarface” also ended with the protagonist falling into the gutter and dying, and then an electronic […]

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