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Life size arabian horse is the most popular horse statue, Since ancient times, we can see that there are more than 300 horse breeds in the world. What is the status of Arabian horses? 1.Status of Arabian horses Arabian horse is the oldest and most precious horse in the world. It is considered to be […]

Roman soldier sculpture is famous artwork by Fernando Botero, Fernando Botero Angulo is a concrete painter and sculptor born in Medellin, Colombia. His iconic style depicts people and characters in an exaggerated way, which can represent political criticism or humor according to his works. He is considered the most recognized living artist in Latin America. […]

Bruno catalano sculpture replica is very popular, This statue is a life size sculpture created by French artist Bruno Catalano. He is a very talented artist. He integrates his own style into sculpture creation. His unique creative image is deeply loved by people. What is particularly impressive is that some sculptures seem to have little […]

Eagle statues for outside need durable material. As we all know, In people’s mind, the eagle is an awe inspiring animal and has the right to rule the sky. It has always been synonymous with the strong. The eagle is not only a symbol of strength, courage and victory. Its sharp eyes give people a […]

Cobra statue is regular decoration for home, In many religions, myths and literature, snakes often represent productivity or the power to create life. Because snakes can shed their skin, they also become a symbol of regeneration, transformation, immortality and healing. The snake is also a symbol of luck, auspiciousness and holiness. It also has the […]

Goat sculpture is a good choice for gift. Goat are auspicious representatives, and goat have a gentle, kind and peaceful face. And since ancient times, in people’s hearts, a goat has an image of justice. In people’s hearts, it has high wisdom, understands people’s words, knows human nature, can argue between right and wrong, and […]

Wall street bull for sale is a hot sale artwork, The Wall Street bronze bull is a bronze bull statue in Bowling Green Park in Manhattan, New York. The bronze bull was originally a street guerrilla art created by Italian artist Arturo di Modica. Now it has become a popular permanent landmark on Wall Street. […]

Graveyard angel statue is to commemorate the dead relatives and tell the sad love. Angels symbolize unique faith and spirituality and eternal love for lost relatives. Angel statues for graves are often of great significance to some bereaved families. For example, angel prayer is the representative of their belief in prayer. The angel tombstone with […]

Lion statue in front of house is often seen. As we all know lion statues can be seen in many places. Bronze lion statue is a kind of animal statues, which are deeply loved by everyone. Some people will be more curious. Why are bronze lion statue more popular? The lion occupies the supreme position […]

Dragon fountain statue is very popular among people. Fountain sculpture, as its name suggests, refers to the artificial water spraying equipment used to beautify the environment. It is a kind of sculpture shape. It generally refers to the sculpture placed around or in the center of the fountain. These sculptures have a very strong visual […]