1.The origin of skyfall deer

This skyfall deer appears in the famous film skyfall. This film is a very exciting and thrilling action film, and the stag statue at the entrance of the Skyfull manor has almost become a symbol of the people and things whose dignity still exists in the absence of grandeur. Its image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and we customized this skyfall deer according to the requirements of our customers. It looks down on the people like a leader climbing high. The original artist and sculptor is Emma Jackson, and the production company is Colombia pictures @Pinewood Studios.

skyfall deer

2.The introduction of skyfall deer

This skyfall deer replica is a very successful artwork made by our sculptor. Its vivid shape makes viewers seem to be in the film and see the scene of the protagonist’s fight. The 230 cm tall stag sculpture, with its feet straight back and its neck stretched forward, is full of characteristics. Like a soldier with his head held high, it is full of majesty. Its antlers are long and thick, and full of charm. Its thick hair on its neck and copper green hair on its body form a rich layer, showing the characteristics of its hair incisively and vividly. Every part is lifelike, showing meticulous workmanship.

bronze skyfall stag statue

3.Workmanship of skyfall deer

We adopted the lost wax casting process for this exquisite skyfall stag statue. It is still the best way to present the details of the bronze sculpture. Under the creation of our sculptors, some small details such as its expression and appearance are portrayed lifelike. We adopt the chemical coloring method to change the color of the surface of the statue, so that it can retain the color for a long time. This technology enables our statues to be placed in courtyards, squares, museums, schools and other places for a long time. It plays the role of decoration and beautification, and also a kind of historical inheritance. It can be stored there for hundreds of years, so that future generations can remember its culture.

clay mold of skyfall deer

4.The advantages of our ArtUrban factory

Our Arturban sculpture foundry has rich experience in sculpture manufacturing and is committed to doing a good job in each sculpture. We have mature sculpture technology and rigorous working attitude, so that each of our works is a high-quality handicraft. They pay attention to the depiction of sculpture form, so that each of our sculpture works perfectly shows the details, you can appreciate it from multiple angles. If you need sculpture, you can contact us at any time, and we will serve you with a professional sculpture team. We also support the customization of various creative sculptures, so that distinctive sculptures can always accompany you. In China, there is a saying that every time you read a book, you will have new harvest and new understanding. I believe that sculpture is the same. It is a silent book. When you appreciate it every time, you will have different feelings and artistic conception. The quality of sculpture is very important. High quality sculptures can even accompany you through your life.

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