1.The beautiful implication of lion head sculpture

In the history and culture of the East and the west, the lion is the symbol of religion, kingship, state and living in peace and avoiding evil spirits. It has played an important role in the development of human civilization and culture. Many lion statues are placed on the doorstep pray for good luck. At the same time, the lion head sculpture also has the same beautiful meaning. The lion head sculpture can be installed on the wall or on any plane. As indoor or outdoor decoration, it will become a very artistic decoration, protect people’s good luck and peace.

lion head sculpture

2.The introduction of lion head sclpture

This lion head sculpture is 70 cm high, it is customized for our Japanese customer. He is going to use this lion head sculpture as an indoor wall decoration. It will not occupy too much space, and will add fresh elements to the indoor environment and bring you great natural wild beauty. At the same time, the lion represents the symbol of the king of beasts, it also represents the identity and status of the master and the master’s elegant taste. Its eyes are bright, mane is thick, and texture is clear, exquisite and vivid. It seems that we can feel the majesty of this lion sculpture. View more lion head statues for sale, pls feel free to contact us.

lion head clay mold

3.The features of lion head sculpture

This lion head sculpture is carefully made by our sculptor who is good at animal sculpture. He often studies the expression and shape of the animal sculpture. He is meticulous in his work and depicts the image of the lion’s head vividly. When make patina, we use the thermal coloring to penetrate the color into the surface, so that the color is not easy to fall off. Finally, we apply wax coating to make the color not only achieve bright and natural effect, but also protect the sculpture from corrosion. The lion’s head can be decorated not only as a wall, but also as a fountain sculpture. Water flows from the lion’s head to the pool. This will be a very beautiful and interesting picture, which will bring more freshness to your life.

The advantages of ArtUrban sculpture factory

Arturban sculpture factory has more than 20 years of sculpture experience, and mature technology. We pay attention to quality and strict requirements for our team, so that every sculpture we make is a high-quality product. Of course, the transportation of sculptures can not be ignored. In order to avoid bump or damage during the transportation, we do it carefully in terms of packaging. Moreover, we will choose the lowest price and the safest way of transportation to deliver it to customers. If you have any other considerations, you can also contact us. We are happy to communicate with you to understand your ideas and better serve you.

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