Project Cases

17Jul 2024
Kaws Along the Way Figure

The importance of Kaws Along the Way sculptures lies in the fact that it expresses the theme of friendship and support through simple but emotional shapes. This Kaws Along the Way Figure work allows the audience to feel a kind of warmth and human care, inspiring people to think about and cherish interpersonal relationships. As […]

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16Jul 2024
Metal Elk Sculpture

Bronze Elk Statue is not only a decoration, but also a symbol of culture and nature. Elk Sculpture shows the majesty and beauty of Elk through art form, reminding people to pay attention to and protect wild animals and their habitats. This kind of sculpture can enhance the artistic atmosphere of the environment and inspire […]

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15Jul 2024
Pegasus Ornament

Pegasus statues are not only a beautiful work of art, but also have important cultural and spiritual significance. Pegasus ornament symbolizes freedom and inspiration, and can inspire people’s creativity and imagination. In public places or private gardens, Pegasus sculptures can serve as a focal point to attract people’s attention and enhance the artistic atmosphere of […]

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04Jul 2024
big apple statue

The sculpture of the Big Apple is created through the exquisite forging process of copper, showcasing the high skills of craftsmen and the unique creativity of artists. The bronze apple sculpture as a whole presents the rounded shape of the apple, and the delicate surface texture makes it lifelike, as if a real apple had […]

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02Jul 2024

The importance of the Daisy Duck sculpture lies in the fact that it is not only a symbol of Disney’s classic characters, but also represents the image of an independent, confident and charming woman. As part of cultural heritage, the Daisy Duck statue can evoke people’s childhood memories, bringing joy and warmth. At the same […]

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29Jun 2024
Ananda statue

The importance of the Ananda sculpture lies in the fact that it is not only a masterpiece of Buddhist art, but also a commemoration and respect for Ananda, an important Buddhist figure. As a close disciple of Sakyamuni Buddha, Ananda was known as the “first in knowledge” for his excellent memory and wisdom. He widely […]

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28Jun 2024
Arhat Kanakbharadvaja Statue

This Arhat Kanakbharadvaja Statue, one of the sixteen Buddhist Arhats. The statue of His Holiness Kanagavhadra with folded hands and a serene expression symbolizes devotion to the Dharma and compassion for sentient beings. As a highly respected arhat, he represents the spirit of wisdom and Dharma protection. The statue, dressed in a traditional monk’s robe, […]

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27Jun 2024
modern horse statue

The importance of this modern horse sculpture is reflected in many aspects. First, it symbolizes strength, speed and elegance, inspiring people to think about these qualities. Second, the Modern Horse Statue demonstrates the avant-garde and innovative spirit of contemporary art through its innovative layered design and use of stainless steel materials. Third, it enhances the […]

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26Jun 2024
iron horse sculpture

This cast iron horse sculpture, with its realistic details and strong artistic expression, demonstrates the perfect combination of power and elegance. The surface of the iron horse has been carefully treated to show a natural rust color, making the work more historical and visual impact. It is not only a decorative work of art, but […]

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23Jun 2024
mary with child statue

This mary with child statue shows the classic image of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus, symbolizing maternal love and holiness. Mary’s face is kind, her hands gently hold Jesus, and the fine detail shows the virtuosity of the artist. The patterns on the robe and the natural flow of the folds enhance the […]

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03Jun 2024
Belle Statue Disney

This Belle’s sculpture symbolizes the embodiment of wisdom and bravery in Disney movies and is an important part of many fans’ childhood memories. This Belle Statue Disney is not only recreations of characters, but also tributes to Disney classics. It brings Belle to life, capturing her graceful posture and captivating expression. This Belle Statue is […]

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05Jun 2024

This cinderella statue symbolizes the beauty and magic of fairy tales and is an elegant decoration for gardens and public places. Cinderella Garden Statue not only shows Cinderella’s kindness and tenacity, inspiring people’s yearning for a better life, but also brings an atmosphere of joy and warmth. Through exquisite design and delicate details, the statue […]

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06Jun 2024
ariel disney statue

The remarkably ariel disney statue, the “Little Mermaid” from the Disney movie. She showed up with her signature long red hair and pink princess dress. The statue captures Ariel’s vivacious and visionary qualities, showing her typical wide smile and hopeful eyes. The design is often designed to evoke warm memories of the classic character. Where […]

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08Jun 2024
Komodo Dragon Ornament

Komodo Dragon Ornament is not only visual focal points in courtyards or public spaces, adding a unique exotic and wild charm, but also symbolizes strength, courage and mystery. Through this art form, people can observe and understand this endangered species up close, raise awareness of the protection of Komodo dragons and their habitats, and advocate […]

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