29Dec 2022
fernando botero sculptures for sale

Fernando Botero — the world of the fat Reclining Woman by Fernando Botero is a fat smoking woman. Among the artists with the label of “fat” in the world, the most famous is Colombian artist Fernando Botero. What made him famous was a painting, the fat “Mona Lisa”. Botero is considered to be one of […]

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11Dec 2022
Giant Bunny Statue

The role of geometric elements in sculpture Giant bunny statue is with geometric art style. Stainless steel geometric sculptures can be seen everywhere in the shopping malls in the streets and alleys. When we go out to play or visit major exhibitions, we will see many beautiful sculptures. These sculptures are made of stainless steel. […]

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10Dec 2022
Pharaoh Ramses II Statue

The historical deeds of Pharaoh Ramesses II This is Pharaoh Ramses II statue. Ramesses II (about 1303 BC – 1213 BC), the third Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty in ancient Egypt, is one of the most powerful and influential Egyptian Pharaohs in history, and is honored as “Ramesses the great” by later generations. The reign […]

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09Dec 2022
Statue Of Liberty

Statue of Liberty–A symbol of America Statue of liberty sculpture for sale is a giant classical statue located on the free island of New York Harbor in the United States. It was designed by Fridley August Bartleday and built by Gustave Eiffel. And was completed on October 28, 1886. It is a gift from the […]

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08Dec 2022
botero dancers sculpture

Fernando Botero’s “fat” world Botero dancers sculpture is a man and a woman dancing together. Fernando Botero, born in 1932 in Colombia, is one of the most outstanding contemporary artists in Latin America. Botero is famous for his paintings and sculptures in the shape of “fat”. In his works, no matter people, animals, landscapes or […]

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07Dec 2022
Geometric leopard sculpture

Artistic effect of stainless steel geometric leopard sculpture Geometric leopard sculpture is a product that easy to form beautiful streamline, highlighting the sense of the times of the work. The circular arc streamline can be used in the design. Moreover, stainless steel animal sculptures are suitable for squares, campuses, villas, hotels, resorts and scenic spots. […]

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06Dec 2022
chubby bird garden statue

Botero bird of peace Chubby bird garden statue is an artwork of Fernando Botero was born in 1932 in Medellin, Colombia. He is one of the most famous painters and sculptors in Colombia and Latin America. His works are unique and labeled “boterismo”: he is famous for creating inflated characters and things. His works are […]

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05Dec 2022
Self Made Man Sculpture

Self made man sculpture Self made man sculpture is an impressive sculpture. A muscular, healthy and strong man is carving himself with a hammer and a drill. His upper body is exquisite and shaped. The powerful left hand firmly holds a drill. His right arm holds the hammer tightly and lifts it high. He is […]

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03Dec 2022
centaur garden statue

Legend of Centaur Centaur garden statue is a statue half horse body and half man bosy. Centaur, also known as horse with human head, originated from Greek mythology and legend. In ancient Greece, there was a kingdom called Thessaria, whose king was Ixion (born of Ares, the God of war, and a woman). Because of […]

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02Dec 2022
bear yard statue

The creation effect of bear yard statues Bear yard statues has been very popular in recent years. Many people have seen geometric deer sculpture, geometric bear sculpture, geometric lion sculpture and so on. The unique shape design attracts the attention of tourists. FRP geometric sculpture has strong aesthetic feeling and artistic expression tension, which is […]

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