09May 2022
Famous Statues In The World

To get a close look at all these famous statues in the world, plan an amazing trip around the world. Art is very important. It makes us think and stimulates our senses. There are some sculptures in the roadsides and squares of each city, some ordinary, some very creative. We have collected some of the […]

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22Apr 2022

1.Introduction of Ascent sculpture In the entrance to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, there is a permanent memorial. A stainless steel sculpture called “The Ascent”. It is a 70-foot-tall, polished steel sculpture that honors those who are passionate about flying. At the same time, it shows the human flight journey and the grandeur […]

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22Apr 2022
Public Art

Eugene, Oregon’s plan for building an enduring public art collection thatinspires the community, enhances its livability, appeals to visitors, andbecomes a growing source of community pride In Eugene, Oregon, Barney & Worth Inc and the District Arts and Culture Council joined a community-wide process with many Eugene citizens in January 2010 to develop a public […]

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11Apr 2022
Ashford Hollow Foundation

Ashford Hollow Foundation by Griffis Family is very famous. Artist Larry Griffis, Jr. in the mid-1960s, which first resided at Kissing Bridge and then moved in 1968 to 425 acres in East Otto in Cattaraugus County It is worth noting that Griffith sculpture park has two land tracks. The main part is the largest, known […]

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31Mar 2022
Puerto Vallarta's Art Walk

The culture and tradition of bayarta art port is considered to be the heart and soul, which is very famous. The visit to our destination cannot be completed without exploring the wide variety of culture, food, history and entertainment provided here. Art walk has a thriving art scene, which is desirable. The bayarta port in […]

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30Mar 2022
Daphne Sculpture

1.Introduction of Dietrich Klinger—Daphne Sculpture creator Daphne sculpture is sculpted by Dietrich Klinger. He is a contemporary male artist. He was born in Heiligenstadt, Eichsfeld, Germany in 1954. All the works of Pablo Picasso occupy a special position in the history of art. Dietrich not only created new forms of artistic expression. He continued Pablo […]

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24Mar 2022
bronze samurai statue

一.Introduction to bronze samurai statue In the Garden opposite the imperial palace of Japan, there stands a bronze samurai statue of a warrior riding on a horse. He was a samurai at the end of the Kamakura era and was famous for his firm loyalty to the emperor. From the firm expression on the warrior’s […]

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22Mar 2022
Trevi fountain sculpture

1.The beautiful legend of Trevi fountain sculpture This Trevi fountain sculpture is known as the wishing pool, also known as the happy fountain. Trevi Fountain originally meant three forks, because it was built at the intersection of three roads. This fountain is the largest and most famous fountain in Rome and the largest Baroque fountain […]

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14Feb 2022
lion head sculpture

1.The beautiful implication of lion head sculpture In the history and culture of the East and the west, the lion is the symbol of religion, kingship, state and living in peace and avoiding evil spirits. It has played an important role in the development of human civilization and culture. Many lion statues are placed on […]

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12Feb 2022
skyfall deer

1.The origin of skyfall deer This skyfall deer appears in the famous film skyfall. This film is a very exciting and thrilling action film, and the stag statue at the entrance of the Skyfull manor has almost become a symbol of the people and things whose dignity still exists in the absence of grandeur. Its […]

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