1. What does the themis goddess of justice statue represent?

The themis goddess of justice statue is one of the most famous symbols in the legal system, showing the aura of fairness and justice. In the judicial institutions of various countries in the world, you will see the statue of the goddess of justice, which is well known.

themis goddess of justice statue

1). The origin of the goddess of Justice

The earliest goddess of justice originated from Themis in Greek mythology. Later, she became the wife of Zeus and presided over the law and morality of the divine world for Zeus. There is also a goddess of justice in ancient Roman mythology. Her name is Judith. She is one of the four virtues – the patron saint of justice. The word “justice” in English comes from the Latin goddess of justice. In English, the word not only refers to justice, but also the meaning of judge. It can be seen that justice is related to judge. Judge is considered to be the embodiment of justice.

goddess of Justice

2). Symbol of the goddess of Justice

Now, the goddess of justice has been sculpted into different images, but most people are familiar with the three remarkable characteristics of the goddess of Justice: Blindfolded eyes, the balance of justice and the sword.

Blindfolded means that she has no desire and is selfless. The trial should be “observed with the heart”. Blindfolded is not blindness, it is self-restraint, it is to overcome the temptation of looking directly at her. Everything is fair according to the balance. The balance represents fairness. The goddess uses it to measure what everyone deserves, neither more nor less.

The long sword symbolizes strength and power, which means that the sanctions are severe and will not be tolerated. It can cut down unjust people and things with a sword.

3). The meaning of the goddess of Justice

The goddess of justice is a famous symbol of the judicial system. She represents fair and equal law enforcement without corruption, greed, prejudice or favoritism.

2. Why Themis goddess of justice statue is a woman and not a man?

Historically, women are often regarded as symbols of motherhood, purity, kindness and virtue, which are related to the rule of law. Of course, the symbol of justice we abide by is a blindfolded woman holding a sword and a balance, which is reasonable. This symbol contains a woman, not a man, because women represent continuity. A woman has a child, so her heart is no less than the future itself.

Lady Justice

3. Why does lady justice goddess have her eyes covered?

The goddess of justice holds a balance and a sword, indicating that judges should pursue justice, and the realization of justice must rely on judges’ independence, objectivity and free from any interference. The blindfolded goddess of justice is the symbol of this requirement. Judging from the judge’s judgment behavior, if a judge wants to judge a case fairly, he should strictly follow the principle of equality before the law. The goddess of justice blindfolded, in fact, is emphasizing the fairness of the procedure.

goddess of justice

4. Why Justice Lady has a sword?

Rudolph, a German jurist Feng Yelin described:”The God of justice holds a balance in one hand and uses it to measure the law; the other hand holds a sword and uses it to maintain the law. If the sword does not carry a balance, it is naked violence; if the balance does not carry a sword, it means weakness. The two complement each other. Only when the God of justice keeps pace with the power of sword and the skill of scale, can an authoritative state of rule of law occupy a dominant position.”So the sword in the hand of the goddess of justice is very important. It symbolizes execution and respect and defends the determination of justice. When the sword is pulled out of its sheath, it clearly shows that justice is transparent, not a tool of fear.

Lady Justice statue

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