Trevi fountain sculpture

1.The beautiful legend of Trevi fountain sculpture

This Trevi fountain sculpture is known as the wishing pool, also known as the happy fountain. Trevi Fountain originally meant three forks, because it was built at the intersection of three roads. This fountain is the largest and most famous fountain in Rome and the largest Baroque fountain in the world.

This wishing pool is a symbol of power. There is a beautiful legend in Rome. Tourists can return to Rome as long as they turn their back to the wishing pool, take coins in their right hand and throw them into the pool over their left shoulder. This tradition can also be traced back to ancient Rome. They often threw coins into the water to make the water god like their journey or help them go home safely.The scene of the film Roman holiday has also become a classic, which makes us better understand its charm.

2.Introduction to Trevi Fountain sculpture

The fountain was designed by Nicolo Salvi, the winner of the fountain Grand Prix hosted by Pope Clement XII. He skillfully borrowed the scenery and set off the back palace as the background, making Neptune and Tritone full of vitality.

In the center of the wishing pool stands a statue of the sea god pulled by two horses, and there are two water gods on the left and right sides of the sea god. Each statue looks different and lifelike. The base of the statue of the gods is a seemingly messy sea reef. The spring water gushed out from among the statues and between the sea reefs and flowed in all directions. The background building is a Poseidon palace.

Expand your view, and you can see the image of the sea god and two water gods pulling two horses in front of the sea god palace:

Trevi fountain sculpture

3.Production of Trevi Fountain sculpture

Trevi fountain sculpture

This is the Trevi fountain sculpture we made according to the requirements of customers. The bronze material is selected for production, and the lost-wax casting method is used to bring the brave image of Poseidon standing on the chariot, and the figure shape and action to life. It’s like taking home the world-famous art. In terms of coloring, we have adopted the chemical coloring method, so that the sculpture can maintain the stability of color for a long time in a humid environment.

Copies of famous sculptures have far-reaching commemorative significance. They can beautify the city and become ornaments and monuments with a certain meaning and symbol. Sculpture with characteristics is a kind of plastic arts. Many sculptures and statues not only witness the history of mankind, but also attract tourists from all over the world to admire the cleverness of its process and the elegance of its shape. Therefore, it is a very cautious choice to select the factory for sculpture casting.

4. Production advantages of Arturbans sculpture factory

1). In terms of material, we use high-quality bronze casting. It has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, higher density and better ductility. The surface of the sculpture is smoother, and the service life is longer when it is placed outdoors.

2). In terms of technology, we have more than 20 years of sculpture experience. When making sculpture, we mostly adopt the traditional lost-wax casting method, which retains all the exquisite details of the sculpture and can highly restore the shape of the sculpture. Our sculptures are exquisitely designed with precise details, and exude classical artistic beauty, which is highly consistent with the connotation of beautiful legends and stories. Moreover, our high-quality sculpture works also have high collection value.

3). We support the customization of sculptures. We can provide you with customization of different materials, sizes, colors and forms according to your placement environment. You can contact us for details, and we will show relevant cases for your reference.

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