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couple statue

1.Introduction of lynn chadwick sculpture for sale This is the lynn chadwick sculpture for sale. Lynn Chadwick is a famous British sculptor known for his abstract metal geometric sculptures. His works are full of modernity and dynamism, showcasing unique geometric forms and lines. His creative inspiration comes from the elements of the human body, animals, and […]

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Metal Squirrel Sculpture

Implication of painted geometric animal sculpture Metal squirrel sculpture is a geometric animal sculpture. It is made of stainless steel. There are many types of animal stainless steel sculptures, including painted bear, deer, stainless steel painted lion, etc. each animal has its own unique representative meaning. Abstract stainless steel sculptures have universal adaptability because its […]

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Dinosaur Garden Sculpture

Dinosaurs in ancient times Dinosaur garden sculpture is attractive. Dinosaurs are the general name of a class of reptiles that appeared in the Mesozoic era. The vigorous limbs, long tail and large body are the portraits of most dinosaurs. They mainly inhabit the forest land or open area on the lakeshore plain (or coastal plain). […]

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abstract sculpture art

1.Introduction of modern abstract metal sculpture This modern abstract metal sculpture is a very interesting stainless steel art sculpture of the window of the world. This O-shaped mirror sculpture composed of multiple geometric shapes, which gradually become smaller, and finally form an oval ring. It seems nothing in the middle of the statue. The colorful […]

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geometric rabbit sculpture

1.Introduction of geometric rabbit sculpture This is lovely geometric rabbit sculpture,  With the acceleration of the pace of life, people’s aesthetic pursuit of sculpture art has also improved. Stainless steel sculpture has a strong sense of modernity and fashion. It not only sets off the whole environment, but also integrates with the environment, adding space […]

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geometric bull sculpture

1.Introduction of geometric bull sculpture Geometric bull sculpture is very popular among us. This abstract bull sculpture is very fashionable and generous. It shows strong and powerful limbs, ready to go, symbolizing all preparations for difficulties. This cow is made with abstract geometric figures. It forged with silver bright mirror surface. It is different from […]

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bronze cobra statue

1.Introduction of bronze cobra statue This abstract geometric bronze cobra statue is made of brass. In many religions, myths and literature, snakes represent productivity or the power to create life. Because snakes can shed their skin, they also become a symbol of regeneration, transformation, immortality and healing. The snake is also a symbol of luck, […]

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hulk king kong statue

1.Introduction of hulk king kong statue This Geometry gorilla statue is the combinationsuperheroes of Richard olinsky’s King Kong and spider man. This  king kong statue is roaring loudly. It raises the oil bucket as if it would be thrown out at any time. The hulk’s image on its body, as if it has amazing strength. […]

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life size king kong

1.Introduction of life size king kong This life size king kong is the ultimate pop art sculpture for true collectors, art enthusiasts and businesses! This huge 5 ft. geometry gorilla statue is hand made from a resin/fiberglass material!! This piece is an amazing “eye-catcher” for any occasion, whether at home or for your business, in […]

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