Dinosaurs in ancient times

Dinosaur Garden Sculpture

Dinosaur garden sculpture is attractive. Dinosaurs are the general name of a class of reptiles that appeared in the Mesozoic era. The vigorous limbs, long tail and large body are the portraits of most dinosaurs. They mainly inhabit the forest land or open area on the lakeshore plain (or coastal plain). In 1841, when British scientist Richard Owen studied several lizard bone fossils, he thought they were some prehistoric animals. He named them dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs suddenly disappeared at the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago, becoming a mystery in the history of earth’s biological evolution, which is still unsolvable. The past life of the earth recorded in fossils.

Dinosaur Garden Sculpture

Using modern scientific and technological means, realistic dinosaurs are made according to the computer restoration pictures of dinosaur fossils. The simulated dinosaur sculptures are constantly appearing in people’s vision. The appearance and shape are very realistic, which perfectly shows the brave image of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur garden statue can more intuitively and vividly let people understand dinosaurs, restore the style of ancient dinosaurs, and let children directly understand dinosaurs. Deepened the understanding of dinosaurs.

Abstract red geometric dinosaur sculpture

Dinosaur Garden Sculpture

The outdoor dinosaur statue is abstract anf full of artistic flavor. It not only shows the sculpture form of dinosaurs, but also combines the geometric figures to show a new artistic effect.

This geometric dinosaur garden sculpture was carefully made by the sculptors of our Arturban sculpture foundry. We made the dinosaur image with abstract geometric figures. The long tail, standing feet, short front feet are as flexible as both hands, and the mouth is open and loud. It seems that we can hear its roar and see its sharp teeth. We can imagine the feeling of the ground shaking when it steps forward. We use bright red in this sculpture, which brings a strong visual impact and makes us deeply impressed. The red color gives the ferocious image of dinosaurs a gentle atmosphere. It makes people want to touch its body and feel the softness of the fierce shape of the sculpture.

This red geometric dinosaur garden sculpture is very beautiful. In the form of geometric sculpture, the color dinosaur sculpture has an artistic style. At the same time, it also vividly shows the movements and forms of dinosaurs. Our sculpture painted with automobile paint, which not only has bright colors, but also protects the shape of the sculpture from corrosion.

The bright red adds fashionable color to the whole sculpture, making it the focus. This dinosaur sculpture is suotable for parks, squares, gardens, amusement parks, dinosaur gardens, zoos and other places to let us feel the charm of the ferocious large animals in ancient times.

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