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Abstract Expressionist Sculpture

Tony Craig’s “second nature” Abstract expressionist sculpture is famous. Tony Craig was born in Liverpool, England in 1949. British postmodernist sculptor, a leading figure in British contemporary art. He uses extremely rich materials as the medium of artistic creation. He also use all wastes, building materials and metals can turn decay into magic. The British […]

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Bronze Elf Garden Statues

Elf legend This is a bronze elf garden statues. Elves, originating from the ancient legends of northern Europe. Its image is very similar to human beings. It has pointed ears and is a beautiful and long-lived race. Generally, he takes the forest as his home, loves nature, has delicate emotions, and has beautiful sounds and […]

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Spongebob Sculpture

Spongebob image Spongebob sculpture is very popular among children. It is a very classic American Comedy Animation Series. Spongebob can be said that this animation series has been with us for too long. It is a memory of our childhood. Now it has become a favorite series of our children. This animation has brought a […]

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Ladybug Sculpture

Life habits of Seven Star ladybug This is ladybug sculpture. Ladybug is an insect of ladybird family and ladybird genus. Seven Star ladybird goes through four different stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The body is oval, the back is smooth and the arch is hemispherical. The newly emerged adult is soft and […]

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Whimsical Frog Statues

The musical dream of frog playing guitar This is a whimsical frog statues. “A person who has a dream of music should have a noble soul at the same time. Even if he is poor, even if he is down, even if he is a vagrant without clothes, he can stand up to the king […]

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Incredible Hulk Sculpture

“Big guy” Hulk and Incredible Hulk Sculpture This is the incredible Hulk sculpture. Marvel has created too many lifelike characters in the past ten years, such as “life size iron man statue” representing the top wisdom of mankind, “Captain America” fighting against any opponent, the lightning fast “Thor” and the sexy “black widow”. When these […]

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Large Candy Sculptures

French artist Laurence Jankel and candy sculpture Large candy sculptures is attactive red color. Compared with the great people’s memorial statues, there are many humorous and creative sculpture art that is also full of boundless fun. Today, we have selected a creative and unique classical sculpture — candy sculpture. The fiberglass sugar sculpture was created […]

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Red Cherry Sculpture

Delicious cherry The red cherry sculpture looks delicious. The cherry is a very beautiful fruit. It is not only good-looking and nutritious, but also very delicious. It is known as the king of all kinds of fruits. This fruit is not only bright in color, crystal clear, red as agate, yellow as congealed fat, but […]

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The Traveler Bronze Sculpture

Bruno Catalano’s Lost Traveler Sculpture – an artistic traveler moving through the city This is the traveler bronze sculpture of Bruno Catalano. Some people may not know Bruno Catalano very well, but you will certainly have an impression of his sculptures. A traveler carrying a suitcase walks in every corner of the city. Part of […]

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Giant Hulk Statue

Marvel hero — Hulk Giant hulk statue is lifelike. Hulk is an early hero in marvel. “Invincible Hulk” is the familiar film about the Hulk from marvel. Hulk is an American Superhero film release in 2003. The plot is adapted from the superhero hulk of Marvel comics. The story tells that after a gamma ray […]

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