Implication of painted geometric animal sculpture

metal squirrel sculpture

Metal squirrel sculpture is a geometric animal sculpture. It is made of stainless steel. There are many types of animal stainless steel sculptures, including painted bear, deer, stainless steel painted lion, etc. each animal has its own unique representative meaning. Abstract stainless steel sculptures have universal adaptability because its composition methods and forms are flexible, and all elements can form a contrast with the surrounding environment. It is convenient to obtain the comparison and unity between sculpture and environment.

The metal squirrel sculpture is suitable for placement in parks and other places. Placed in the park, the stainless steel park sculpture is a very beautiful sculpture, which has its own characteristics. We should better protect it. The stainless steel park sculpture is a kind of garden sculpture.

metal squirrel sculpture

Metal squirrel sculpture is a common animal sculpture. It is a lively and lovely squirrels. It not only decorates and beautifies the urban environment, but also symbolizes peace and harmony between people and animals. The stainless steel geometric squirrel sculpture is very attractive from the first sight, not only because of its bright, transparent and smooth appearance, but also because of its combination with animals.

Details of metal squirrel sculpture

metal squirrel sculpture

This metal squirrel sculpture is very lovely. It uses abstract geometric art form. The statue depicts the long tail of the squirrel. Holding a pigeon in its hand, it looks very careful, like a treasure in hands. Squirrels are very gentle animals and are very friendly to people and animals. Therefore, this painted geometric squirrels sculpture is full of warm and peaceful atmosphere. At the same time, this sculpture is an abstract sculpture. The bright colors of the sculptures make people eyes light up and bring rich visual enjoyment. This sculpture is presented in an abstract form, which is thought-provoking and has a strong artistic sense.

This outdoor squirrel statue is composed of geometric figures of different colors. We use high-quality stainless steel to polish and make this statue have a very shiny luster. There are many forms of stainless steel surface will show different visual effects and visual enjoyment. When it is in the garden as decoration, it will become the focus of attention, bring brilliant colors and vitality to the garden, make you forget your troubles and bring you happiness.

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