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Abstract Landscape Sculpture

The function of landscape sculpture Abstract landscape sculpture is very fashionable. With the development of modern sculpture art, more and more landscape sculptures appear in the form of abstract art. Because the figurative person or object attracts people’s attention is its shape itself, it is difficult to evolve into a part of the space elements […]

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Tall Abstract Floor Sculptures

The artistic color of twisted vertical elements This tall abstract floor sculptures is an outdoor sculpture created in the form of abstract and concise sculpture. It combines sculpture with art to create a modern art sculpture. Outdoor sculpture is an important part of environmental art. With its unique form of expression, it plays a role […]

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Sculpture of Phoenix

Legend of Phoenix It is a sculpture of phoenix. The Phoenix first appeared in Egyptian myths and legends. Its image is that it is covered with golden feathers, with shining wings, beautiful appearance and pleasant singing, which can bring people good luck and longevity. Phoenix, also known as the immortal bird, is a symbol of […]

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