Legend of Phoenix

sculpture of phoenix

It is a sculpture of phoenix. The Phoenix first appeared in Egyptian myths and legends. Its image is that it is covered with golden feathers, with shining wings, beautiful appearance and pleasant singing, which can bring people good luck and longevity. Phoenix, also known as the immortal bird, is a symbol of immortality.

The word “phoenix” in English comes from Greek. It means red, which has a great relationship with fire, so the Phoenix in the west is generally a fire phoenix. In both China and the west, there are legends of the Phoenix. However, China emphasizes the inner meaning of the Phoenix, such as nobility and power, love and auspiciousness. However, the West pays more attention to its rebirth and resurrection, without much inner meaning. In Greek mythology, the Phoenix lives near a well in the Arabian Desert. Every morning, it bathes in the water and sings beautiful songs. The Egyptian sun god will stop to listen. After the Phoenix burns itself, the regenerated Phoenix will put the ashes of the self-burning Phoenix in the egg shell and fly to the altar of the sun god in the “city of the sun”.

sculpture of phoenix

As the king of birds, Phoenix symbolizes auspicious. Abstract stainless steel Phoenix sculpture is a very representative art sculpture. Most of the abstract stainless steel Phoenix sculptures abandon all objective appearances, directly study the essence and internal structure of things. Or intuitive and clear, or abstruse, fantasy of the virtual composition of the separation. Abstract stainless steel Phoenix sculpture is rich in philosophical or analytical beauty, forming the aesthetic characteristics of novelty, disorder and disharmony in the aesthetic category.

Details of Phoenix sculpture

sculpture of phoenix

Abstract stainless steel Phoenix sculpture has something difficult to understand and has a proud and mysterious color. It is precisely because of this that we are more forcefully pursuing his art. This stainless steel Phoenix sculpture is an outdoor sculpture created in the form of abstract and concise sculpture. He combines sculpture with art to create a modern art sculpture. Its curved shape is as beautiful as a phoenix spreading its wings to fly. The beautiful radians and curves make the Phoenix sculpture simple and generous, with a distinct sense of shape. The red color represents fire phoenix.

The Phoenix Statues For Sale is auspicious and suitable for outdoor and indoor places such as parks, botanical gardens, gardens, residential areas, squares, shopping malls, hotels and clubs. It is an important part of outdoor environmental art. With its unique form of expression, it plays a role in beautifying the environment. According to the needs of different space environments and the relationship between the public environments, it creates unique memorial sculptures and decorative sculptures to beautify the environment.

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