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wire sculpture human figure

1.Introduction of wire sculpture human figure This wire sculpture human figure is very beautiful. It is full of artistic sense, and the head of the sculpture adopts a woven hollow design with unique craftsmanship. From a side view, the head has smooth lines, presenting a modern style. Water naturally flows down from the head, as […]

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wire head sculpture

1.Introduction of wire head sculpture This wire head sculpture is very beautiful. The large stainless steel hollowed human head sculpture adopts a modernist style, with strong abstraction and a simple and tense overall shape. The sculpture adopts a hollow out design, and the human head is woven with many stainless steel lines, allowing the entire […]

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wire man sculpture

1.Introduction of wire man sculpture Sculpture art is often expressed in an action or an instant. Its static and dynamic are the unity of opposites. It shows movement with static lines and shapes people’s sculpture beauty through static lines. Line is the basic element. This wire man sculpture is composed of stainless steel lines. A […]

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