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rusty metal sculptures

1.Introduction of rusty metal sculptures This is an abstract rusty metal sculptures. It is a very classic weathering steel sculpture. The winding curve stands in the outdoor place like an arch. The curved semicircle at its bottom are neatly arranged together, and at its top of lines are different lengths. The integrity becomes an open […]

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rusty metal yard sculptures

1.Introduction of rusty metal yard sculptures This rusty metal yard sculptures is an abstract artistic circular. The material of steel makes it have rust red, which is very beautiful. Its abstract ring shape, sharp edges and corners just like how the external things change, it still adheres to its own inherent principles. It not only […]

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rusted steel sculpture

1.Introduction of rusted steel sculpture This rusted steel sculpture of an abstract face is made of weather-resistant steel material, which shapes the incomplete face contour. There is a gap in the middle of the face, which means it is composed of two parts. When you look at the middle part, you will find that you […]

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