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mickey mouse

1.Introduction of minnie mickey disney This lovely stainless steel minnie mickey disney sculpture is the image of the classic Disney cartoon character Minnie. In order to attract the attention of the audience, Minnie was portrayed as a popular “flapper” young girl. She smiles, wears a big bow, small skirt and gloves. She opens her arms […]

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disney minie sculpture

1.Introduction of disney minie sculpture This silver stainless steel cartoon disney minie sculpture is very beautiful. Minnie is Mickey’s girlfriend and best partner. She is also the most beautiful and lovely female character in Disney. Although Minnie is usually quiet and even shy, when she meets bad guys, especially those who want to murder Mickey, […]

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life size mickey mouse statue

1.Introduction of life size mickey mouse statue With the development of human civilization, cartoon images emerge one after another. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Kung Fu Panda and other cartoon images are deeply loved by adults and children. Cartoon sculpture is the use of exaggeration, deformation and other techniques to shape characters and animals. The three-dimensional […]

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