Disney’s best couple

mickey and minnie statue

Mickey and Minnie statue is very popular. Mickey, as the official mascot of the Disney Company, has become one of the most famous Disney characters in the world. He made his debut in the Walt Disney animated short film Steamboat Willie in 1928, and made a sensation at the beginning.

It is no accident that adults like Mickey Mouse: Walt Disney has made people fall in love with Mickey Mouse.

During the first two decades of Mickey Mouse’s appearance in the public eye, Disney constantly adjusted this role to make it more and more with universal appeal. He makes Mickey’s face and body more round and childish. Mickey’s eyes also become big and round, like a baby’s eyes. Instantly melt people’s hearts and fall in love with this lovely image.

mickey and minnie statue

In the following decades, Disney modified Mickey to make his image more suitable for children. He became gentle and possessed all the characteristics of middle-class life: house, girlfriend and car. Disney has found a way to create characters so that they can instantly – and subconsciously – attract the public and attract people’s attention through their characteristic childishness. Mickey and Minnie statue are popular as well.

Then, Minnie was born — Mickey’s only girlfriend. Although Minnie is not one of the Disney princesses, she is Mickey’s only princess. Minnie is Mickey’s perfect partner. She works with Mickey to solve problems, help friends overcome difficulties, and bring joy to all.

Details of Mickey and Minnie sculptures

mickey and minnie statue

The Mickey and Minnie statue is very lovely and interesting. They have big heads. Mickey is wearing a pair of red shorts on the lower body, a pair of yellow shoes on the feet, and white gloves on the hands. One foot is stretched forward and both hands are inserted on the waist. With a smile on its face, it’s like dancing happily, which makes people love you. Minnie, wearing a blue and white dotted dress, wears a large pink bow on her head, and a pair of pink shoes on her feet. She is like dancing, she puts one hand on her chest and the other behind her. Her long eyelashes and big eyes are very elegant and beautiful.

This group of mickey and minnie statues are lifelike, and the bright colors of the characters make the sculptures more three-dimensional and full, as if they were walking out of the animation, which brings us infinite fun. Their lovely and interesting images are the preferred sculptures for amusement parks, children’s parks, shopping malls and commercial streets. Interesting shapes will add more fun and bring us more joy.

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