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Lady Water Fountain with Rotating Sunflower

The original artwork of this lady water fountain holding a rotating flower in hand was created by Poland artist Ma•gorzata Chodakowska. This girl has a graceful and slender figure, holding a sunflower in her left hand, and water flows out of the curved line tube on the sun lace to form a fountain. This sculpture […]

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bronze lady fountain

1.Introduction of bronze lady fountain Bronze lady fountain is now one of the most common sculptures. it is widely used in life.  Bronze girl Fountain sculpture is more diverse with unique fountain styles. not only good-looking, but also can protect the environment and purify the air. The bronze lady fountain with blue dress is standing on […]

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girl with umbrella bronze fountain

1.Introduction of girl with umbrella bronze fountain The girl with umbrella bronze fountain sculpture is an image of a girl with a long braid in the rain, holding an umbrella, and the other hand holding the coner of her dress to keep from getting wet..  Our fountain fountain outlet is installed from the top of […]

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