1. Introduction of lady statue water fountain

The original artwork of this water fountain lady statue holding a rotating flower in hand was created by Poland artist Ma•gorzata Chodakowska. This girl has a graceful and slender figure, holding a sunflower in her left hand, and water flows out of the curved line tube on the sun lace to form a fountain. This sculpture looks very solemn and graceful. The texture of copper and the gentleness of the water seem to have an almost fanatical pursuit of the carrier of this fountain.

This Polish-born artist uses the bronze cast female body as the carrier of the fountain and has created a lot beautiful fountains and beautiful sculptures convey a kind of innate female energy, full of vitality, youth and light. Every piece of balanced and beautiful lines and every energetic body demonstrates the artist’s skill and aesthetics. All of them contain infinite poetry, and they slowly penetrate the soft part of their hearts, allowing passers-by to stop and admire them quietly, and linger forever.

2. The process of the lady statue water fountain

This water fountain lady statue was ordered by a our Austrian customer. He used it to decorate his garden. After receiving the customer’s order, we made the clay sculpture of this sculpture according to the picture, and then sent the customer photos of the clay mold from all angles. After the customer confirmed the clay sculpture , We started to cst bronze sculpture. Although this sculpture looks not big, but it needs to take energy to make the rotating fountain part, we have invited long-term partners who specialize in the production of various musical fountains. He draws and produces according to the water structure of the fountain. the following is our video.

lady water fountain clady mold
lady water fountain welding
lady water fountain polishing
lady water fountain finished

Next we started welding, polishing sculpture. Welding and polishing are a very important part of sculpture production. If the welding is not good, the sculpture will deformed, which will affect the appearance of the final product.

After the bronze lady water fountain sculpture finished, we ship it to our customer. After he received the goods, he put it in the garden. This is the feedback photo sent by the customer.

lady water fountain
lady water fountain

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