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giraffe statue outdoor

1.Introduction of giraffe statue outdoor This giraffe statue outdoor is very beautiful and charming. It has a slender neck, a tall figure, it is very flexible. This giraffe sculpture is the life size of giraffe. When it looks up, it can touch the leaves, as if it is choosing where the leaves are more fresh. […]

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metal giraffe garden sculpture

1.Introduction of metal giraffe garden sculpture Giraffe has long neck, its slender neck and thin face always seem to have a smile. They have a gentle temper, always walk leisurely, have a gentle temper, be gentle and polite. So giraffes are very popular. We often see them in squares, zoos, amusement parks and theme parks. […]

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metal giraffe sculpture

1.Introduction of metal giraffe sculpture Geometric stainless steel animal sculptures are common decoration in our life. They are popular among people, they can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, squares, parks and other places. This metal giraffe sculpture use geometry shape. Geometry gives us a simple and rational artistic feeling.It highlights the beauty of line […]

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