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king kong garden statue

1.Introduction of king kong garden statue This red king kong garden statue gives us a very strong visual effect. Red represents enthusiasm and vitality, giving people a strong visual impact. And we adopted that the whole gorilla is red. The red gorilla statue represents a new life, and its strong visual effect can arouse our […]

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wild kong statue

1.Introduction of wild kong statue This American captain wild Kong statue is a large animal sculpture inspired by animals by Richard Olinsky. He combined the image of Marvel’s superhero Captain America with the violent orangutan, and felt that his combat effectiveness improved instantly. He turned King Kong into a messenger of justice. It roared loudly, […]

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hulk king kong statue

1.Introduction of hulk king kong statue This Geometry gorilla statue is the combinationsuperheroes of Richard olinsky’s King Kong and spider man. This  king kong statue is roaring loudly. It raises the oil bucket as if it would be thrown out at any time. The hulk’s image on its body, as if it has amazing strength. […]

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Graffiti Gorilla Sculpture

1. Introduction of graffiti gorilla sculpture Richard Orlinski is a French artist who was born in Paris in 1966. In 2004 he started to make sculptures and has always been surrounded of a team of highly skilled technicians. His artworks, designed with the concept “Born Wild” reflect the main values in a contemporary style, which […]

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Graffiti kong statue

1.Introduction of graffiti kong statue Mouth open on frightening fangs, the resin gorilla proclaims itself invincible by pounding its chest with threatening fists. Reinterpreting the fantastic creature of King Kong, Richard Orlinski questions us about our archaic fears concerning our animality. But the ferocious beast is capable of tenderness. This Graffiti kong statue is very […]

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life size king kong

1.Introduction of life size king kong This life size king kong is the ultimate pop art sculpture for true collectors, art enthusiasts and businesses! This huge 5 ft. geometry gorilla statue is hand made from a resin/fiberglass material!! This piece is an amazing “eye-catcher” for any occasion, whether at home or for your business, in […]

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fiberglass gorilla statue

1.Introduction of gorilla ornaments for sale King Kong is one of the classic monster in world history. It showed the big screen many times since 1933, and its image has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. And King Kong is a huge primate. It looks like a gorilla, but it has […]

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red gorilla sculpture

1.Introduction of red gorilla sculpture This red gorilla sculpture is the famous artwrok of the contemporary French Pop Art artist Richard Orlinski’s, Wild Kong Red reinterprets the iconic figure of popular culture.Orlinski’s Born Wild© concept emerges as the artist’s attempt to successfully capture deep-rooted animalistic wild instincts. He tries to transform them into civilized emotions […]

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graffiti gorilla statue

1.Introduction of graffiti gorilla statue The modern abstract gorilla sculpture is a fiberglass gorilla statue with graffiti design all over its body. This is the symbol of safety, parenting, and familial harmony which will exude similar energies to those who see it. This graffiti gorilla statue have a strong built and are resistant to hot […]

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