Geometric King Kong

Orlinski Wild Kong

Orlinski Wild Kong is very famous. King Kong is a fictional giant monster similar to a gorilla. He is called the eighth wonder of the world. This is a phrase commonly used in movies. Throughout the history of the King Kong series films, King Kong has played only the role of an alien in the eyes of mankind. His first appearance was in the 1933 RKO Pictures Film King Kong, which premiered more than two months later.

The role of King Kong has become one of the most famous movie idols in the world, and has inspired many images of King Kong such as sequels, remakes, derivatives, imitators, imitations, cartoons, books, comics, video games, theme park rides and stage plays.

Later, many classic films were shot in its image, such as “Skeleton Island of King Kong”, which was the best one in shooting King Kong series, and won three awards including the best visual effect award of Oscar! King Kong in the film has a huge body and looks fierce, but it has a distinct personality and rich emotions. It is more like a person, or even a child, a lonely child who is not familiar with the world but is ruthlessly kidnapped.

Orlinski Wild Kong

It was caught by people like a treasure, but it was killed by people. And it is really doing its best to protect the mistress. When it is unable to protect her, it will choose to let go. Such a lovely King Kong inspired people who watched the film to protect him from being hurt.

Details of Orlinski Wild Kong

Orlinski Wild Kong

Does this red sculpture touch your heart? The life size king kong is not only very beautiful, but also represents a fiery heart hidden under his violent personality. The posture of beating one’s chest and stamping one’s feet represents a fiery personality under any circumstances. The roaring King Kong is not frightening under the bright red background, but adds some loveliness. It seems that it is overwhelming others with its momentum, but its lovely image has sold it out. Our Arturban sculpture factory has created this abstract sculpture perfectly. It is not only a kind of comfort for king kong lovers, but also a tribute to art.

Here he is free and free from any restrictions, and can express his inner feelings at any time without being constrained. There will be no harm here, only those who love it will take care of it.

Orlinski Wild Kong is very suitable for the decoration of living rooms, art galleries, shopping malls and other indoor places. The beautiful colors make it the focus and show the light and fashionable atmosphere. The artistic expression of abstract geometric figures shows the abstract artistic beauty of sculpture. This exquisite King Kong Sculpture makes the King Kong in your heart perfect, fashionable and modern.

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