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botero dancers sculpture

Fernando Botero’s “fat” world Botero dancers sculpture is a man and a woman dancing together. Fernando Botero, born in 1932 in Colombia, is one of the most outstanding contemporary artists in Latin America. Botero is famous for his paintings and sculptures in the shape of “fat”. In his works, no matter people, animals, landscapes or […]

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chubby bird garden statue

Botero bird of peace Chubby bird garden statue is an artwork of Fernando Botero was born in 1932 in Medellin, Colombia. He is one of the most famous painters and sculptors in Colombia and Latin America. His works are unique and labeled “boterismo”: he is famous for creating inflated characters and things. His works are […]

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botero bronze woman sculptures

Artistic features of Botero woman sculpture Botero bronze woman sculptures are very famous. Fernando Botero is known as one of the most famous modern artists in Latin America. In his works, both men and women are extremely fat, plump hips and thick bodies, with round lines and bright colors. They look funny and full of […]

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