Artistic features of Botero woman sculpture

Botero Bronze Sculptures

Botero bronze woman sculptures are very famous. Fernando Botero is known as one of the most famous modern artists in Latin America. In his works, both men and women are extremely fat, plump hips and thick bodies, with round lines and bright colors. They look funny and full of childlike fun. Even the president of Colombia, Christ and Virgin Mary cannot escape the fate of being plump and fat. This plump form is also known as “boterismo”. He once said, “I don’t paint fat people, but I want to express a sense of beauty brought by volume through realistic themes.” Moreover, he believes that composition is more important than the expression of the characters, so the characters in the painting have no facial expression, which makes the audience feel isolated from the characters in the painting, and also leaves the audience unlimited imagination space.

Fernando Botero’s style is popular all over the world and can be recognized at a glance. You may have seen his works on the Park Avenue in New York or the Champs Elysees in Paris. If you have stayed in Colombia for a long time, especially in Medellin, his birthplace, you will certainly have seen his sculptures.

This fat woman sculpture is one of his classic sculptures of “thought”, characterized with exaggerated size, sexy and big bone. Leave a deep impression in people’s hearts.

Botero Bronze Sculptures

Details of Pensamiento statue

Botero bronze woman sculptures of “thought” is a reproduction of Botero sculpture carefully made by our arturban sculpture foundry. We highly restore the shape details and artistic effects of the sculpture. You can perfectly appreciate the Botero style of art. A fat lady stepping on a round head is like stepping on a thoughtful head, which means her mind has reached a new height. She put one hand behind her as if she were tidying her hair, and the other hand put on her leg in sharp contrast to her thick legs.

This Botero style nude sculpture clearly and positively shows the form of volume. Overweight characters, exaggerated hips and legs, produced the strongest feeling in the audience: no one can be immune to boterismo. Some people may say that they are simply fat, which is wrong. His sculptures get the same treatment, and all this is interesting, whether the underlying information is political or just for fun.

It is difficult to pick out a bright spot in this large and lovely round sculpture. The classic Botero statue color shows its fat beauty in the mountains and forests on the green grass. Her fat and round body, smooth curves and lines bring us comfortable and natural artistic effects. It will become a family park to celebrate art and learn from Colombia’s indomitable spirit. Bring fun to our life.