Fernando Botero’s “fat” world

Botero Dancers Sculpture

Botero dancers sculpture is a man and a woman dancing together. Fernando Botero, born in 1932 in Colombia, is one of the most outstanding contemporary artists in Latin America. Botero is famous for his paintings and sculptures in the shape of “fat”. In his works, no matter people, animals, landscapes or buildings, they are round. Botero’s paintings have rich colors, exaggerated volume, and completely free body proportions. Many works depict the local customs of Colombia and Latin America in his childhood. In 2012, Botero won the “Lifetime Achievement Award for contemporary sculpture” issued by the International Sculpture Center.

Botero once said, “I don’t paint fat people. I want to express the beauty and plasticity brought by volume through realistic themes. Art is deformed and exaggerated, which has nothing to do with fat people. Not only people, but also animals, fruits and musical instruments I paint are bulging.”

Masters who have a strong interest in volume and sensibility began to turn from painting to sculpture in the 1970s. Fat breast and buttocks have become the biggest feature of their works. His sculpture theme is similar to that of painting, but the wrinkles closer to biological mechanism in painting are removed from sculpture. Because he is good at grasping the volume and proportion, his works, even if the volume is small, also appear very powerful, which not only has the solemn sense of classical sculpture, but also has the natural vitality of the pre Columbian era in South America.

Details of the botero dancers sculpture

size of betero dancer sculpture

Botero dancers sculpture of “in the park” is one of the classic sculptures of Botero. Our Arturban sculpture foundry reproduces classic art sculptures for customers, bringing the artistic style of sculptures and the shape of figures to life. Fat man and woman stood on the green grass and danced beautifully. Botero style makes the figure’s physique, shoulder width, hips and shape extremely strong. They danced a beautiful waltz. They crossed their hands face to face. The man put one hand on the woman’s waist, and the woman put her hand on man’s shoulder. As if dancing with the melodious music.

This bronze fernando botero sculpture perfectly brings the romantic dance between fat couples to life. Every action of their fat body seems to give them a sense of happiness, so that people who watch it will have a relaxed and happy mood. A person with a sense of volume can not only feel the roundness feeling it gives, but also feel the softness and fleshiness it pursues. The unique artistic effect is not only unique, but also unforgettable to those who appreciate it.

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