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bronze ballerina water fountain

1.Introduction of bronze ballerina water fountain This sculpture is a beautiful bronze ballerina water fountain. Fountains are becoming more and more common in our lives and have become decorations in many places. If you are considering installing a fountain in your garden and courtyard, please check out our sculpture Ballet Dancer Fountain. It was a […]

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Ballet Dancer Water Fountain

The creator Malgorzata Chodakowska of ballet dancer water fountain Ballet dancer water fountain is the one of the most perfect work of Malgorzata Chodakowska. Gentle, clear, graceful, smart… This is the vocabulary that came to mind when I first saw the sculpture works of Polish artist Malgorzata chodakowska. They can make people instantly forget all […]

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ballerina sculpture

1.Introduction of ballerina sculpture This is the image of a ballerina sculpture. The ballet girl standing on tiptoe, gently raised hands over head and practiced movements again and again. This sculpture shows her elegant dance movements and beautiful figure, and praising the girl’s perseverance and patience. We seem to have felt her dancing with different […]

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