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luffy statue

1.Introduction of Luffy Statue Luffy Statue is a classic action of pirate Wang Luffy. Luffy is the king of navigation, the hero of the Japanese cartoon “the king of navigation”, nicknamed “straw hat” Luffy. He is a member of group of straw hats and the captain of the straw hat large ship group. He dreams […]

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wild kong orlinski statue

1.Introduction of wild kong orlinski statue This sculpture is a replica of wild kong orlinski statue. It takes geometry as the section and the shape of wild king kong statue. The geometry is full of modern science and technology, and can also bring rich color changes with different light over time. Geometry gorilla statue is […]

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Richie Rich Flying In Money Sculpture

Rich, is a 12-year-old young master. Blond hair, always wearing a red sweater, with a big letter R in the front and center of the sweater. This sculpture is made by Alec,  an American street artist whose moniker is derived from the Monopoly board game’s Rich Uncle Pennybags. This  is a funny image of richie […]

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Alec Monopoly

1.Introduction of Alec Monopoly Street artist Alec Monopoly takes his name from the transaction-based board game in which players buy and sell property, accumulate money, and try to make their opponents go broke. The artist employs the character of Rich “Uncle” Pennybags, the game’s suited mascot, to deliver his critique of capitalist greed. This Alec […]

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Alec Sculpture

1.Introduction of Alec Statue Monopoly Alec Statue takes cartoon illustrations as his political comments, subversively displays various pop culture idols, and produces his own recognizable art style. His Monopoly artworks usually shows the characters of cartoon figure with beard and top hat. Monopoly is holding a dollar in his hand, his cheerful image is like […]

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