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Mickey and Minnie Statue

Disney’s best couple Mickey and Minnie statue is very popular. Mickey, as the official mascot of the Disney Company, has become one of the most famous Disney characters in the world. He made his debut in the Walt Disney animated short film Steamboat Willie in 1928, and made a sensation at the beginning. It is […]

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Minnie Mouse Statue

Minnie — one of Disney’s cartoon characters Minnie mouse statue is one of the most popular characters in Disney. She is a very cute image and a very interesting cartoon character. In 1928, Evox and Mr. Walt Disney, the founder of the Walt Disney Company, jointly created Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, and painted the […]

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Disney and Mickey Statue

Mickey Mouse, the star of cartoon world Disney and Mickey Statue is very popular. Mickey Mouse is one of the representative animated characters created by Disney. Disney officials also regard it as the mascot of Disney, and it is one of the most famous cartoon sculptures in the world. Mickey Mouse is a small mouse […]

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Life Size Disney Statues

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is a popular cartoon all over the world Life size Disney statues are Mickey and Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is a worldwide popular comic cartoon directed by Walt Disney. The film mainly focuses on the activities of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and big dog Pluto. Through a […]

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life size cartoon statues for sale

1.Introduction of chrome scrooge mcduck statue Chrome scrooge mcduck statue is very attractive. Cartoon sculpture is to make the characters in teleplay, films, etc. in the form of cartoons. The vivid and interesting cartoon characters are rendered in colorful colors. It is very cute and interesting. Especially for the children’s paradise, where you can play […]

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mickey mouse art statue

1.Introduction of mickey mouse art statue This is a mickey mouse art statue. It is a very cute Minnie Mouse sculpture. The cute Minnie is wearing a floral skirt, bows, interesting high heels, and colorful gloves. She leans forward with her eyes closed, like Marilyn Monroe like a Mickey Mouse. The little tail behind it […]

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mickey mouse looking statue

1.Introduction of mickey mouse looking statue This is an interesting mickey mouse looking statue. It has a big head and a thin body. It is wearing red shorts, a pair of yellow shoes on its feet and red boxing gloves on its hands. He seems to be a very professional athlete, ready to participate in […]

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donald duck sculpture

1.Introduction of donald duck sculpture Donald duck sculpture is very interesting. Donald Duck is one of Disney’s most famous characters, keeping pace with Mickey Mouse. He is a warm-hearted man, always full of good intentions, but he is always very impatient and prone to temper tantrums (bad luck). Poisonous words. He has a hot temper, […]

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mickey mouse welcome statue

1.Introduction of mickey mouse welcome statue Mickey mouse welcome statue is vey interesting. Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon anthropomorphic black mouse, and usually wears red shorts, yellow shoes and white gloves. Its cute and interesting shape is loved by people, both adults and children are its fans. Disney officials also regard it as Disney’s mascot, […]

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