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winged horse statue

Garden pegasus statue is very popular among the people who love sculptures. Pegasus symbolizes a heavenly horse soaring in the sky. According to ancient Greek myths and legends, when Pacius (Perseus), the son of Zeus, cut off the head of monster Medusa, a beautiful and winged Pegasus Pei Gasos suddenly jumped out of Medusa. Pacius […]

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life size fiberglass flying horse statue

Life size fiberglass flying horse statue is regular decoration for wedding, garden. Pegasus, also known as Tianma, has unlimited courage to fight and forge ahead without fear of strong enemies and sacrifice. It is deeply loved by people everywhere. We often see Pegasus sculptures in tourist attractions, exhibition halls, parks and other places. Its body […]

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fiberglass horse statue for sale

Fiberglass horse statue for sale, fiberglass horse is generally suitable for placing at home, as well as in urban squares, landscaping and other places. Fiberglass horse has a very large sales volume and is the most widely used animal fiberglass sculpture. It has the moral of inspiring people to work hard. There is a saying […]

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