Garden pegasus statue is very popular among the people who love sculptures. Pegasus symbolizes a heavenly horse soaring in the sky. According to ancient Greek myths and legends, when Pacius (Perseus), the son of Zeus, cut off the head of monster Medusa, a beautiful and winged Pegasus Pei Gasos suddenly jumped out of Medusa. Pacius immediately installed Medusa’s head, stepped on the flying horse and left the danger. Later, this Pegasus was lifted to the sky and became Pegasus. In fantasy literature, Pegasus always belongs to the righteous side, and it helps its master to overcome evil.

Therefore, many people have a special liking for garden pegasus statue, and like to put it in the center of the city, square, home, park and other places that can be seen everywhere. It represents bravery and justice, and it is like a sword to wake the world and inspire the world to be just and brave people.

 One of our American clients likes Pegasus very much. He said, “He likes Pegasus very much, especially when Pegasus opens its wings and raises its front hoof, which is a kind of beautiful scenery. He feels that putting a statue of Pegasus in his home like a messenger of God will have a sense of security to be protected, and it is also an encouragement to meet difficulties in his life, so he is looking forward to putting the statue of Pegasus in his home. After careful discussion, we worked out a 235 cm high life size fiberglass flying horse statue. The color was chosen as his favorite turquoise, which made the image of Pegasus more noble, quiet and steady, and possessed the beauty of nature.

Our customer puts the pegasus statue outdoors, so we will pay great attention to the material requirements. The 196 resin glue used by our Arturban Sculpture Factory has stronger toughness than ordinary resin glue. We usually brush three layers of fiber cloth and glue, and add a small amount of talcum powder and coagulant, so our fiberglass sculpture is very strong. An adult weighing 150 kg will not be damaged if he steps on the sculpture and jumps. In addition, we will add vents to the fiberglass sculpture, so as to avoid the phenomenon of expansion with heat and contraction with cold, and it is not easy to produce cracks in high temperature and hot weather. Compared with our peers, our fiberglass sculptures last longer.

On the production process of fiberglass horse sculpture. First of all, we will do 3D model and show the details of each angle clearly. Secondly, we will do foam printing according to the 3D design, present the sculpture model perfectly, and polish the foam surface very smoothly, which can reduce the post-production time. Third, make fiberglass statue, where we make high-density glass fiber and tough resin glue, which reduces the amount of talcum powder and coagulant. Although the production time is increased, the sculpture has stronger toughness, higher hardness and longer service life.

Finally, we carry out the coloring process, and we will paint many times to make the color more uniform. We use car paint. According to the customer’s color picture, our professional colorist will color the car paint. After the customer confirms the color, we will polish and color the fiberglass statue again. At the end, we will coat the surface with varnish, which can keep the color longer.   

Arturban Sculpture Factory, as a professional sculpture factory, has a professional team. We will pay more attention to the quality of sculptures while making sculptures. Good quality statues can decorate your life for a longer time. If you have any custom sculpture requirements, you can contact us at any time.

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