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silver leopard statue

1.Introduction of silver leopard statue Silver leopard statue is a large stainless steel geometric leopard. It looks very brave and robust. The shape is a vivid leopard composed of many geometric pieces. The polishing surface is like a mirror, which not only shows its fashionable and bright artistic shape, but also add space feeling . […]

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leopard statue for sale

1.Introduction of leopard statue for sale Leopard is an animal of the genus panther in the cat family. It is the smallest of the four large cats. Leopard has bright colors, many spots and golden fur. The leopard can be said to be an agile hunter, with vigorous figure, flexible movement and fast running speed. […]

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walking leopard statue

1.Introduction of walking leopard statue Leopards are very powerful animals. Their strength comes from their strong self-confidence and ability, as well as their deep impression on people. Leopard has vigorous limbs, flexible movements, strong jumping ability and is better at climbing. The walking leopard statue is an abstract animal sculpture, which looks more modern. We use […]

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