Artistic effect of stainless steel geometric leopard sculpture

Silver Leopard Statue

Geometric leopard sculpture is a product that easy to form beautiful streamline, highlighting the sense of the times of the work. The circular arc streamline can be used in the design. Moreover, stainless steel animal sculptures are suitable for squares, campuses, villas, hotels, resorts and scenic spots. Its aesthetic feeling should be guaranteed, its quality should also be guaranteed. Simple and generous, sharp edges and corners, large color selectivity, and more three-dimensional sense. FRP sculpture is an important component of urban sculpture, which can play the role of embellishing the environment and turning the Dragon into the eye.

The silver and bright color of the stainless steel geometric leopard sculpture is more vivid and energetic, very decorative, and also improves its service life. The unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, smooth lines and full rhythm make the sculpture natural. The stainless steel geometric leopard sculpture is lighter in texture and easier to carry. The sculpture products are lifelike and very suitable for public places.

stainles steel Leopard Statue

Details of stainless steel leopard sculpture

geometric leopard sculpture

This Geometric leopard sculpture is made of highly polished stainless steel. The natural silver color can keep the color permanent, the surface is smooth and shiny like a mirror. This abstract geometric leopard looks very brave and robust. It roared with his mouth open and walked as if thinking about the skills of catching prey. In this sculpture, we can see the exquisite details and smooth lines of the sculpture, which vividly show the characteristics of the leopard, adding not only a fashionable and modern atmosphere to the garden, but also vitality to the garden.

This stainless steel geometric metal leopard sculpture is very beautiful. It was the replica from the sculptors of our Arturban sculpture foundry, showing the artistic beauty. All the details are very delicate and perfect. The charm and shape of the sculpture are vividly showing. The surface carefully polished, smooth as a mirror. It without any defects and scratches, and perfectly shows the modern artistic characteristics of the stainless steel art sculpture. The overall polished interface is like a mirror, which not only displays its fashionable and bright artistic shape, but also reflects the surrounding scenery and adds space effect.

When this stainless steel garden Geometric leopard sculpture is in the outdoor garden as an ornament, it will become a noticeable focus, attract everyone’s attention, and add fashionable modern art to the surrounding environment. The ferocious shape and manic posture add the wild beauty of nature.

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