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resin squirrel garden ornament

1.Introduction of resin squirrel garden ornament This is a cartoon resin squirrel garden ornament. Mr. Squirrel and Ms. Squirrel are dancing waltz gracefully on the round stage. It looks very romantic.  Mr. Squirrel held a delicate rose in his mouth. He held the lady’s waist with one hand and opened his arm with the other. […]

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Metal Squirrel Sculpture

Implication of painted geometric animal sculpture Metal squirrel sculpture is a geometric animal sculpture. It is made of stainless steel. There are many types of animal stainless steel sculptures, including painted bear, deer, stainless steel painted lion, etc. each animal has its own unique representative meaning. Abstract stainless steel sculptures have universal adaptability because its […]

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outdoor squirrel statue

1.Introduction of outdoor squirrel statue This stainless steel outdoor squirrel statue is very beautiful and lovely. It sits on a pile of books, its legs hang down leisurely, with a smile, and its tail swings behind us. It is very happy and brings us a happy mood. Books with crimson to gradual golden yellow have […]

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