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Roman Warrior Statue

1.Introduction of Roman warrior statue Roman warrior statue is Fernando Botero’s very classic art sculptures. In Fernando Botero’s eyes, all things are in the form of fat people. No matter men, women and children, every object is fat. Even the president of Colombia, Christ and Virgin Mary can’t escape the fate of obesity. Not only […]

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Roman Soldier Sculpture Famous Statue Replica

Roman soldier sculpture is famous artwork by Fernando Botero, Fernando Botero Angulo is a concrete painter and sculptor born in Medellin, Colombia. His iconic style depicts people and characters in an exaggerated way, which can represent political criticism or humor according to his works. He is considered the most recognized living artist in Latin America. […]

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Roman soldier by Fernando Botero

1.Introduction of roman soldier by Fernando Botero This roman soldier by Fernando Botero is a very fancy Modern Art sculpture, which is signed by Botero. The chubby Warrior is undressed, but he is carrying a helmet and a shield but no weapon or shoes. The strong Warrior is standing on the base and he seems […]

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