Roman soldier sculpture is famous artwork by Fernando Botero, Fernando Botero Angulo is a concrete painter and sculptor born in Medellin, Colombia. His iconic style depicts people and characters in an exaggerated way, which can represent political criticism or humor according to his works. He is considered the most recognized living artist in Latin America. His works of art can be found in very prominent places around the world, such as Parker Avenue in New York City and the Champs Elysees in Paris. This symbolic artistic feature is also known as “Botero style”. The statue is located in the cafesjian Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia.

After repeatedly reading Botero’s works, I summarized my feelings about his works. His “fat style” creation is very artistic. You can see that the proportion of facial features to the chest is very normal, but physically, the shoulders are wide, the hips and the legs are unusually strong. This statue is a statue of a naked Roman soldier. The fat of his body makes him look particularly round. He wears a unique helmet of Roman soldiers on his head, and the shield in his hand expands with his body. He holds a scepter in one hand, which seems to have a unique beauty.

Botero once said: his works are not fat people, but want to express the beauty and plasticity brought by volume through realistic themes. Art is deformed and exaggerated. It has nothing to do with fat people.

This roman soldier sculpture is one of our customers who likes Botero style works. This roman soldier statue is made of brass and is 200 cm high. After carefully studying Botero’s style, our sculptor carefully created the clay mold. Clay mold is one of the oldest and most common modeling methods, and clay mold is the most expressive molding trace in the plastic trace. In the molding process, we can change it according to the requirements of customers, which is also one of the characteristics of clay plasticity, An excellent sculptor can perceive the soul of sculpture. He will give the breath of sculpture life and let us deeply experience the internal spirit and emotion of sculpture works.

roman soldier statue
Fernando Botero soldier
fat man statue

Clay mold is the soul of creation, and the lost wax casting method we use to show the sculpture in a precise way is its flesh and blood. Here, our sculpture is an image of a fat Roman Warrior, so we require its surface to be smoother, so we have strict requirements for polishing and coloring. We have polished it for many times and applied thin layers of chemical coloring for many times to make our work smooth and uniform. Finally, we apply a layer of anti-corrosion wax, A beautiful work is displayed in front of you.

Our sculptor likes Botero’s work style. He said: under the situation of rapid social development and great human pressure, the exaggeration and joy of Botero’s work style give people a relaxed mood. The unique artistic style allows us to often appreciate the creative culture. Do you like Botero’s works? You can tell us your favorite works, and we will complete your Botero statue for you.

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