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michael benisty sculpture

1.Introduction of Michael Benisty sculpture This michael benisty sculpture is a classic art sculpture of “I will find you in my life” created by Michael Benisty in the outdoor gallery of Art Island in Area15. The huge couple embraced each other warmly. They are kissing, dancing and communicating with each other. They are closely connected […]

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couple bronze sculpture

1.Introduction of couple bronze sculpture This is couple bronze sculpture, which depicts a young man and woman wearing a bright yellow coat and long skirt, emitting golden luster in the sun, and looks very beautiful. The man carried the water bottle on his shoulder, which looked very heavy. The woman beside him was dumping the […]

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valentine's day statue

1.Introduction of couple garden sculpture This  is couple garden sculpture. A mature couple sat quietly on the bench. The man’s look is slightly abstract, as if taken away by memory. The woman leaned affectionately against her husband and put her right hand on his arm. It is a test of time and love, exuding the […]

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