30Nov 2022

Bathsheba WHEN BATHSHEBA makes her first appearance in the Bible, she’s not wearing any clothes. This bathsheba bronze statue shows her image vividly. She’s taking a bath. Outside. Within eyeshot of the very married King David—seven wives at least. He’s strolling around on what was probably the flat roof of his home. Roofs were used much […]

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28Nov 2022
Japanese Samurai Sculpture

 Japanese Samurai – Kusunoki Masashige This is a japanese samurai sculpture. In the Garden opposite the imperial palace of Japan, there stands a bronze statue of a warrior riding on a valiant steed. The statue was a samurai at the end of the Kamakura era (early 14th century). He known for his firm loyalty to […]

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26Nov 2022
the traveler man sculpture

Bruno Catalano’s Traveler Sculpture – an artistic traveler moving through the city The traveller man sculpture is a serial art work of Bruno Catalano. Some people may not know Bruno Catalano very well, but you will certainly have an impression of his sculptures. A traveler carrying a suitcase walks in every corner of the city. […]

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25Nov 2022
bust of elvis presley

Elvis Presley, a new music world — rock music This is a bust of elvis presley. Cat king is the nickname of Elvis Presley. Together with Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Elvis Presley is the greatest immortal symbol in the history of rock music. His music transcends the boundaries of race and culture, integrates country […]

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24Nov 2022
Ballet Dancer Water Fountain

The creator Malgorzata Chodakowska of ballet dancer water fountain Ballet dancer water fountain is the one of the most perfect work of Malgorzata Chodakowska. Gentle, clear, graceful, smart… This is the vocabulary that came to mind when I first saw the sculpture works of Polish artist Malgorzata chodakowska. They can make people instantly forget all […]

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23Nov 2022
botero bronze woman sculptures

Artistic features of Botero woman sculpture Botero bronze woman sculptures are very famous. Fernando Botero is known as one of the most famous modern artists in Latin America. In his works, both men and women are extremely fat, plump hips and thick bodies, with round lines and bright colors. They look funny and full of […]

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21Nov 2022
elvis presley sculpture

The origin of Elvis Presley’s name Elvis presley sculpture is very classic. If you look at Elvis Presley’s real name, it has nothing to do with Cat king, and this name only appears in Chinese. “Elvis Presley” is a combination of Elvis Presley’s nicknames “The Hillbilly Cat” and “the king of western pop”. The Hillbilly […]

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19Nov 2022
Trajan Sculpture

The best head of state — Emperor Trajan This is a bronze trajan sculpture. Trajan was the emperor of the Roman Empire after Nerva, and was also the “best head of state” in the eyes of the aristocratic Senate. As the second Roman emperor among the “five sages” of the Roman Empire, Trajan brought the […]

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18Nov 2022
Jeff Koons balloon rabbit

Jeff Koons’s rabbit sculpture Jeff Koons balloon rabbit has been one of the classic works of art in the 20th century since its birth 36 years ago. This stainless steel sculpture is more than 3 feet high. It is cute and spectacular, and combines the unique gloss of minimalism and the fun of cartoon images. […]

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15Nov 2022
bouquet of tulips statue

Statue of tulip bouquet Bouquet of tulips statue is very beautiful. At the invitation of former U.S. ambassador to France Jane D. Hartley, Jeff Koons released the design concept on November 21, 2016, the 2015 anniversary of the terrorist attack in Paris. An 11 meter high sculpture holding 11 colorful tulips (the 12th symbolizes lost […]

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