03Sep 2021
winged horse statue

Garden pegasus statue is very popular among the people who love sculptures. Pegasus symbolizes a heavenly horse soaring in the sky. According to ancient Greek myths and legends, when Pacius (Perseus), the son of Zeus, cut off the head of monster Medusa, a beautiful and winged Pegasus Pei Gasos suddenly jumped out of Medusa. Pacius […]

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01Sep 2021
Longhorn Statues for Sale

Longhorn statues for sale, made by Arturban sculpture manufacturer. we can customize longhorn statue in any material, size, color as you want.As we all know. Texas longhorns are bred in the hot southern United States and are suitable to cattle that range long distances. People raise Texas Longhorn cattle to obtain fur, lean meat and […]

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30Aug 2021
Jesus Statue for Home Catholic Church

Jesus statue for home is ordered by one of our customers. Jesus is the founder of the Christian religion. According to the Bible, Mary was inspired to conceive and gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. He began preaching at the age of thirty, preaching the gospel. He was later charged by the Jewish priest, Caiaphas, and was crucified after being tried by the […]

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26Aug 2021
Fat Woman Sculpture Fernando Botero

Fat woman sculpture is a reolica, its original aritist is Fernando Botero, Fernando Botero is a figurative painter and sculptor born in Medellin, Colombia. His work is filled with a sense of full-bodied exaggeration, and a hallmark of art known as the “Boterismo”. Therefore, he is known as one of the most famous modern artists […]

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24Aug 2021
Horse Garden Statue

Horse garden statue is very regular decoration in park, street etc. In Europe, horse is not only a symbol of strength and hardworking, but also a representative of nobility and elegance. Horse is not only noble, but also a spiritual animal. It is tall, powerful, brave and intelligent. It symbolizes chivalry and represents a kind […]

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22Aug 2021
St Jude Statue Catholic Christian Sculpture

St Jude Statue is one of the Twelve disciples of Jesus. The symbol of St. Jude is the stick. St jude is also often depicted with an icon of fire above his head. This means that he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles during the day of Pentecost. Another symbol of St Jude […]

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11Aug 2021
Large butterfly garden sculpture

Large butterfly garden sculpture is a very perfect choice for your garden décor. This butterfly sculpture in the picture which we have just finished  for an American customer. He ordered it for decorating  his own garden. It’s 220 cm heights.this whole stainless steel sculpture  is  made up of  silkworm  chrysalis and  butterfly. The customer  love  cool […]

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07Aug 2021
Lady Water Fountain with Rotating Sunflower

The original artwork of this lady water fountain holding a rotating flower in hand was created by Poland artist Ma•gorzata Chodakowska. This girl has a graceful and slender figure, holding a sunflower in her left hand, and water flows out of the curved line tube on the sun lace to form a fountain. This sculpture […]

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14Mar 2020
Koons rabbit sculpture

Jeff Koons used the most exquisite display technology, and through the cooperation with highly skilled technicians, traditional craftsmen, and physicists, the daily consumer goods have been elevated to the spiritual realm. In his hands, the most common things will transcend its common and vulgar levels and become real iconic things, such as his work “Rabbit”, […]

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17Feb 2020
Bronze Elk Statue

Among the many sculptures, bronze elk statue is the most commonly used one. It can be used in almost any style and any scene, sometimes elegant, lively, sometimes quiet, sometimes cute, and sometimes escape. Deer is the official and wealth representative. Therefore, the deer naturally became a mascot for people to pray for promotion and […]

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