07Nov 2022
jeff koons dog sculpture

Controversial Balloon Dog sculpture Jeff Koons dog sculpture is very famous. Speaking of Jeff Koons, one of the most valuable living artists, many people first think of his iconic “Balloon Dog” and “rabbit” and other large and gorgeous mirror stainless steel sculptures. Jeff Koons is famous for his installation works with consumerism metaphor. His masterpiece, […]

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03Nov 2022
Stainless Steel Outdoor Art

Stainless steel sculpture — a work of art with emotional and humanistic colors Stainless steel outdoor art is very popular. The combination of the artist’s ideas and stainless steel often creates works of art that are eye-catching. The stainless steel sculpture art is an individual’s judgment and choice in the collision and integration of traditional […]

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02Nov 2022
Metal Sphere Sculpture

Public landscape art – stainless steel hollow ball sculpture Metal sphere sculpture is one of the popular garden decoration. With the continuous improvement of people’s living conditions, people have higher and higher requirements for public landscape art. Public art is not only to satisfy the enjoyment of visual beauty, but also a way to show […]

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01Nov 2022
Ring Sculpture Decor

Advantages of stainless steel sculpture Ring sculpture decor is very fashiona. The emergence and development of stainless steel sculptures closely related to human production activities, and directly affected by social ideologies such as religion and philosophy in various times. Stainless steel sculpture is a relatively permanent art. According to the traditional concept, stainless steel sculpture […]

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31Oct 2022
kaws bff statue

Kaws creator Brian Donnelly kaws bff statue is a pink kaws with black suit. Brian Donnelly, also known as kaws, is a New York artist who is famous for designing limited edition toys and clothing. He is also a world-renowned artist, exhibited in international museums and galleries. His art is between art and global commerce. […]

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28Oct 2022
ballerina garden statue

Outdoor stainless steel art sculpture Ballerina garden statue is made of stainless steel. Outdoor stainless steel sculpture is a common modern art sculpture. It has a variety of styles and high art value. Therefore, it is a very important part of the outdoor environment. Simple design and artistic effect can improve the beauty of the […]

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27Oct 2022
Abstract Landscape Sculpture

The function of landscape sculpture Abstract landscape sculpture is very fashionable. With the development of modern sculpture art, more and more landscape sculptures appear in the form of abstract art. Because the figurative person or object attracts people’s attention is its shape itself, it is difficult to evolve into a part of the space elements […]

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26Oct 2022
Tall Abstract Floor Sculptures

The artistic color of twisted vertical elements This tall abstract floor sculptures is an outdoor sculpture created in the form of abstract and concise sculpture. It combines sculpture with art to create a modern art sculpture. Outdoor sculpture is an important part of environmental art. With its unique form of expression, it plays a role […]

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24Oct 2022
alec monopoly statue for sale

Interesting Monopoly game Alec Monopoly statue for sale is very popular. Have you ever played Monopoly? Mention this name, many players should have a little impression, feel like in the distant past. This reminds you of the time when you played Monopoly. As a real estate Tycoon, you contracted real estate all over the world […]

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21Oct 2022
Sculpture of Phoenix

Legend of Phoenix It is a sculpture of phoenix. The Phoenix first appeared in Egyptian myths and legends. Its image is that it is covered with golden feathers, with shining wings, beautiful appearance and pleasant singing, which can bring people good luck and longevity. Phoenix, also known as the immortal bird, is a symbol of […]

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