Minnie — one of Disney’s cartoon characters

minnie mouse statue

Minnie mouse statue is one of the most popular characters in Disney. She is a very cute image and a very interesting cartoon character. In 1928, Evox and Mr. Walt Disney, the founder of the Walt Disney Company, jointly created Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, and painted the Minnie Mouse that was seen by the world for the first time.

Minnie is Mickey’s girlfriend and best partner, and also the most beautiful and lovely female character in Disneyland. In order to attract the attention of the audience, Minnie was portrayed as a popular “flapper” style young girl, always walking at the forefront of the fashion trend. Her main shape is a round hat with small flowers, white gloves and a short skirt. Describes her wearing black silk stockings. Minnie’s shoes are the most special part of her modeling. For the sake of comedy effect, she always wears large heels that do not fit her feet. Minnie’s ankles often slip out of her shoes, and there is a big bow on her head. Sometimes there is a bow on her shoes.

Although Minnie is usually quiet and even shy, when she meets bad guys, especially those who want to kill Mickey, she is not soft hearted and has the ability to attack these bad guys. In general, Minnie is the perfect girl in people’s hearts, smart, gentle, quiet, lovely and beautiful.

minnie mouse statue

Details of Minnie mouse statue

minnie mouse statue

This minnie mouse statue is made by our Arturban sculpture foundry. It vividly portrays the lovely and interesting image of Minnie. This lovely Minnie is wearing a flower skirt, a bow tie, interesting high heel shoes, and colorful gloves. She closed her eyes and leaned forward, like Marilyn Monroe. The small tail behind her is very lovely and interesting. The slender tail is as beautiful and elegant as its image.

This disney minie sculpture is made of fiberglass, which vividly shows the lovely shape of the sculpture. We can also see that Minnie wears colorful clothes to show the characteristic pop art. The action of the image and the details of the appearance are very vivid. We personify Mickey Mouse’s image sculpture and endow the characters with rich emotions. Our sculpture painted with automobile paint, which not only shows the bright colors of the sculpture, but also can keep the color unchanged for a long time. Whether it is in the garden, square, children’s park or amusement park, it is a very interesting cartoon sculpture, which will attract people’s attention. Even some pedestrians can’t help imitating its lovely and interesting image, bringing endless fun to people.


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