Legend of Centaur

Centaur Garden Statue

Centaur garden statue is a statue half horse body and half man bosy. Centaur, also known as horse with human head, originated from Greek mythology and legend. In ancient Greece, there was a kingdom called Thessaria, whose king was Ixion (born of Ares, the God of war, and a woman). Because of his blood relationship with God, he boldly fell in love with the queen Hera and pursued her. In order to avoid Ixion’s pursuit, Hera changed herself into a cloud. Ixion threw himself into this auspicious cloud regardless of everything. As a result, a monster was born in this auspicious cloud: the upper half of the monster was a person, with a head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, arms and hands, while the lower half was a horse, with four legs and a horse tail.

Centaurs are generally described as rude, violent and unreasonable. In general, they are regarded as representatives of barbarism and are associated with alcoholism, violence and pornography, but there are a few exceptions. In Greek mythology, some well-known centaurs are very knowledgeable and educated, such as Chilon, the teacher of many great heroes. Such centaurs (especially Chilon) are often called “horse man” in Chinese.

The representative constellations of Centaurus in the sky are Centaurus and Sagittarius.

Centaur Garden Statue

Details of centaur garden statue

size of centaur statue

This bronze garden Centaur sttaue is carefully made by the sculptors of our Arturban sculpture foundry. The front is the human body, and the back is the horse body. It perfectly depicts the image of the Centaur in Greek mythology. Wearing a Roman soldier’s hat, he held a shield in one hand and a halberd in the other. He was as ready as a soldier defending the country. The horse behind him was like a horse running. The speed of galloping was a powerful help to him in battle.

This exquisite Centaur statue is a very distinctive landscape sculpture when it is placed outdoors. The exquisite Centaur sculpture can help us understand the ancient Greek civilization and add a sense of mystery. The so-called monster in the myth is actually an expression image of history, which contains various historical codes. Only by recognizing this point can we better understand the myth and understand the real history.

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