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Neptune bronze sculpture

1.Introduction of Neptune bronze sculpture This Neptune bronze sculpture is vivid. Poseidon sat on a chair, holding a famous trident in his hand, which vividly displayed the mythical power and majesty. The sea god’s face is solemn, which makes people feel the majesty and power of the gods. It is a work full of mystery […]

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poseidon fountain

1.Introduction of poseidon fountain This is a beautiful Poseidon fountain sculpture. Poseidon is the sea god and water god, He is also known as the earth’s shaker or occupier. His power matches the endless vitality and flood of the earth. He built a residence in the Aegean Sea. It is said in the book that […]

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centaur garden statue

Legend of Centaur Centaur garden statue is a statue half horse body and half man bosy. Centaur, also known as horse with human head, originated from Greek mythology and legend. In ancient Greece, there was a kingdom called Thessaria, whose king was Ixion (born of Ares, the God of war, and a woman). Because of […]

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