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Whale Garden Sculpture

1.Introduction of Whale Garden Sculpture This is a whale garden sculpture. The whale is a symbol of ambition. As a giant, the whale can resist the difficulties at the bottom of the sea. Whales are never afraid of the pain and lead their lovers and children to survive strongly. This beautiful whale sculpture is composed […]

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whale sculpture for sale

1.Introduction of whale sculpture Whale sculpture is made of stainless steel. Whales are the largest animals in the ocean and one of the few large animals in the world. They live quietly in the ocean and occasionally come out to play. At the same time they are also very good musicians, their singing is very […]

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whale garden statue

1.Introduction of whale garden statue Whale garden statue is a girl on the whale swimming in the sea. Whales are a kind of magical animals. They have both a super healing appearance and a variety of excellent talent skills.  They have outstanding IQ, have their own language and even dialect, and have a strong self-awareness. […]

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