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brass hand sculpture

1.Introduction of brass hand sculpture This brass hand sculpture is a work of great artistic value. On the square outside the COEX shopping center in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea, stands a striking huge bronze sculpture called “Horse Riding Dance Gesture”. This sculpture was built to pay tribute to the horse riding dance in the […]

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hand sculpture art

1.Introduction of hand sculpture art It is an hand sculpture art made of stainless steel. The sculpture features a circular ring as the main body, with a pair of interlocking hands inside. The entire sculpture presents a simple and powerful appearance. The circular ring is made of smooth stainless steel material, emitting a bright metallic […]

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two hands sculpture

1.Introduction of two hands sculpture This bronze two hands sculpture is a work of great artistic value. It shows a pair of hands holding posture, as if expressing some emotion or respect. The posture of this sculpture is simple and beautiful, leaving a deep impression. It can not only used for personal home decoration, but […]

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