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sculpture abstract figures

1.Introduction of sculpture abstract figures This is the sculpture abstract figures like a dancer dancing in the wind. Its lines are smooth and elegant, and its posture is graceful and moving. The entire sculpture is composed of multiple arcs and curves, creating a flowing feeling, as if the dancers are being blown by the wind […]

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julian voss andreae sculpture for sale

1.Introduction of julian voss andreae sculpture for sale This julian voss andreae sculpture for sale is the creative Isabelle sculpture also called the disappearing sculpture, creating a visual illusion. It is the invisible sculpture created by Julian Voss-Andrae, a German science enthusiast and creative person, who found the formula combining his two passions. This sculpture […]

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abstract figure sculpture

1.Introduction of shopping sculpture This is a group of shopping sculpture. In this sculpture, a group of shopping people are created, including adults, children, men and women. Each person carries different shopping bags and walks happily in the street. We describe the outline of the characters through concise and abstract renderings, and show the character’s […]

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