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big apple statue

1.Introduction of big apple statue The big apple statue is with strange shapes. This sculpture is made of weathering steel, presenting a metallic appearance. Its overall shape is a huge fruit, however, unlike traditional apples, the middle of this apple is empty, presenting a unique design concept. The surface of the sculpture is smooth and […]

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apple sculpture for garden

1.Introduction of apple sculpture for garden The apple sculpture for garden is with strange shapes. It is a unique artwork made of stainless steel, and its surface is perforated with many diamond shaped holes. The entire sculpture presents a bright metallic luster, with a realistic shape. The size of the apple sculpture is suitable for […]

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large apple sculpture

1.Introduction of large apple sculpture This large apple sculpture is very beautiful. The bronze apple looks like a work of art, attracting everyone’s attention. Apple sculpture is widely used, such as parks, squares, shopping malls, shops and other places. Sculpture art has penetrated into our life. Apple also represents peace and happiness, in which different […]

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