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red apple sculpture

1.Introduction of metal apple sculpture The metal apple sculpture is with strange shapes. The full-body red apple looks bright and delicious, and the taste must be very sweet. Below it is an irregular red mark, like the traces of red juice spreading from the apple. This large apple sculpture is very unique and eye-catching. The […]

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Red Apple Sculpture

Apple in life The red apple sculpture is tempting. Apple is a very common fruit in our life. It is rich in minerals and vitamins and is one of the most commonly eaten fruits. There are many kinds of apples, but they all have one characteristic: the appearance is round, and the color of the […]

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big apple sculpture

1.Introduction of big apple sculpture The big apple sculpture is very unique and eye-catching. The red apple sculpture looks ripe. A bite will be very sweet and juicy. The green apples look a little sour and astringent. Like the feeling of youth. The apple core is the apple that has been eaten. The part of […]

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